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Our philosophy is simple--"Unequaled Customer Service"--.We've tested every item that we sell, we quarantine every Koi that we sell, we will not bring new items into the store without pre-testing. We do not accept free samples from manufacturers, but will gladly test any new items for them, providing they invoice us for the product, and we have return privileges, if the item does not meet our standards. 
  39 years ago, when we first became involved in this hobby, Koi keeping was in it's infancy.  The only pond filters available then, were Tetra's Pond Billie and Supreme's Pond Master. It was then, we decided to build our own filters using one half inch pieces of cut well pipe and nylon pot scrubbers.  As we progressed, we received calls from neighbors, friends and word of mouth referrals to build, repair and maintain ponds. We haven't looked back since.  Pond keeping in the U.S. was coming of age and we decided to put all our energies into pond building, maintaining and disseminating correct information, based on our own experience, to all ponders. 
  To this end we opened our first retail, pond only, store in Belleview, FL 12 Years ago. We now have a 3000 sq. ft store and display area in Holiday, FL and a satisfied customer base of over 4000 world-wide.
 We ran a successful cable TV show called "Ask Werner's Ponds", write articles for magazines and give Seminars for Garden Clubs and Nurseries as well as at our Showroom.
 We, at Werner's Water Gardens Inc. hope our web pages will give you more insight into ponds, water gardens and that living jewel, the Koi. There are other pages on our web site explaining filtration, plants, products, Koi and general techniques. These pages will be updated regularly as the hobby develops. Further questions will be answered by e-mail, telephone, or our Discussion Board 

Thank You, Birgit & Werner

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